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Low Back and Sacroiliac Pain
Generally 80% of the adult population suffer significant back pain during their lives.
Back pain may be referred to the hip, groin, buttocks, the leg and foot as sciatica .The main causes of low back pain are slip disc ,muscular weakness and postural strain , sitting too much, lack of exercise, unequal leg-length, trauma , over-exercise, pelvic girdle pain, sacroiliac joint dysfunction. FLAT FOOT produce low back pain and front knee pain

Slip disc is most common cause of low back pain. Common cause of disc prolapse is repetitive micro trauma due to bad posture or non-ergonomic working condition. Person who sit for longer period of time is prone to have it .Disc prolapse cause nerve compression so many times.Majority of slip disc cases respond very well to our well designed treatment program and surgical intervention is obviated

Examination & Diagnosis

Back health depend upon its flexibility and strength. Muscles around back become weak due pain and disuse this weakness produce imbalance that alter the bio mechanics of spine. Secondly tightness in joints, ligaments may reduce range of motion resulting stiffness. Tight hip joints are source of low back pain.

Nerve root or spinal cord may be compressed due to different reasons. So many times muscle tightness produced numbness in leg

Therefore functional assessment is important to fix the cause of pain before we go for further investigation.
We perform a thorough orthopedic and neurological examination to ascertain the cause of disease.

To check the dysfunction physical examination and its analysis is the key concept for treatment strategy.
Sometime x-ray and MR Imaging are helpful to confirm the diagnosis.

A thorough questionnaire to scan patients for any deficiency symptoms or food allergies


Spinal cord compression and cauda  equina syndrome (CES )  in which sacral roots are compressed, are the situation for surgical urgency. Patients loose control on bladder and bowel,  sometime patient is not able to pass urine . Foot drop is not urgency for surgery. Unless there is serious neurological demand it is better to avoid it.
Treatment is patient specific . It may involve gentle and specific spinal mobilization, manipulation, NMT ( Neuro muscular therapy)  postural re-education,  unilateral traction,  stretching , well designed exercises program, soft-tissue therapy, acupuncture, LASER, ultrasound , Inversion therapy ,back school .

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Healing by Nutrition ,Deficiency management, Diet and food elimination remains an integral part of all treatment programs.


cervical decompresiion therap

cervical decompresiion therap


Chattanooga Triton DTS at Vikalp Physiotherapy Noida for Treating Back pain , Neck pain , Slip Disc etc..

Chattanooga Triton DTS
at Vikalp Physiotherapy Noida for Treating Back pain , Neck pain , Slip Disc etc..