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At Vikalp Performing elbow range of motion exercises may be an important part of your stiffness program after an elbow injury that limits your ability to use your arm normally like closing your shirt buttons.

It is very important to get your elbow moving as soon as possible after surgery to avoid joint stiffness and muscle tightness. At first, your elbow will feel stiff and painful, but it is important that you continue to move it as this will aid your recovery. We highly recommend use of elbow CPM (continuous passive motion). At Vikalp physiotherapy we use state of art elbow cpm atromot Chattanooga E2 cpm to regain elbow ROM WHICH MAKES STRETCHING absolutely painless and very comfortable. It usually takes approximately 6 weeks for the fracture to fully heal and to regain full range of motion.

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NOTE: we exercise extreme caution to not stretch elbow to regain the range as it commonly makes the elbow stiffer. We believe regaining elbow rom is an art and not stretching.

WAX THERAPY:  due to presence of nail and metallic plate’s use of radiofrequency and other modality is contradicted to make the joint soft prior to mobilization. So the best option is wax therapy. At Vikalp physiotherapy Noida and Delhi we use imported wax unit which uses imported wax unlike Indian candle wax which usually causes burns. Imported wax is covered on elbow using dip methods – 20 dips at interval of 10 seconds followed by covering with cellophane and then covered by elbow insulated glove which retains heat for 20 minutes.

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