Healing by nutrition

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Healing by nutrition : Deficiency Management, Diet & Elimination

Pain still there … What’s missing ?

  • Vitamin deficiencies – vitamin B-12, vitamin-D
  • Minerals – selenium, magnesium (Epsom salts) , Omega 3, omega 6, Co Q10
  • Food allergies to blood groups
  • Gluten sensitivity / intolerance /
  • practical gluten free diet
  • MSG sensitivity / intolerance
  • Chinese restaurant   syndrome
  • Uric acid and pain
  • Anti-inflammatory diets
  • Probiotics / prebiotics / nutrient absorption
  • Diet plan for painful syndromes
  • Diet plan for weight Mx & fat loss
  • Athletic Performance Nutrition
  • Nutritional support for incontinence, radiculopathy , Headache
  • Cost effectiveness & Quick results
  • Lab testing , clinical testing & reliability
  • Case studies
  • Water / fluoride poisoning /coconut water
  • Beware of nutraceutical industry
  • Natural food vs. nutraceutical
  • Dangers of over supplementation
Healing by nutrition

Healing by nutrition

Healing and pain relief begins with proper nutrition.  The right balance of vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids equips the body with the chemical building blocks necessary for healing and proper functioning.

It is essential to integrate nutritional medicine with physical medicine to ease pain, reduce recovery time, and enhance the recovery process

 Dr. Rakesh Tyagi – Vikalp physiotherapy clinic.