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Laser thearpy noida physiotherapy

1800MW infrared cluster probe by BTL England

We augment your rehabilitation process by use of a modality called Low Level Laser Therapy. All illness, disease process, aches and pains involve cells that are not operating at their full potential. Low Level Laser Therapy works by recharging your cells. The Low Level Laser device emits specific wavelengths of light into your body. These specific wavelengths promote the production of an enormous amount of cellular energy known as ATP. This energy can then be used to assist your cells to heal and regenerate faster, thus reducing and /or eliminating your aches and pains.



laser physiotherapy noida

We are extremely proud to add the new BTL 4000 LASER and ultrasound to our practice. The most advance technology in industry for musculoskeletal pain and healing.

If you have any questions regarding the laser and how it can benefit you, please don’t hesitate to email or call us. 0120-4264877