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PEMF = Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy

Magnetotherapy is one of the basic physiotherapy procedures. Its basic form – application of static magnetic field. i.e. the permanent magnet – has been used since time immemorial as one of natural healing sources. However, only the coming of electronics and powerful
switching elements enabled rapid development of low-frequency pulse magnet therapy, the effects of which are several times higher than those of the static magnetic field. The recently performed studies imply that therapy performed by means of pulse electromagnetic field is upto 100 times more effective than the application of stationary magnetic field. That is why the pulse magnetotherapy is nowadays becoming one of widespread physiotherapy methods. At some conditions (e.g. chronic pains in degenerative articular diseases) this method has proven successful as therapy with long-lasting therapeutic effect even when other therapy methods failed.
Pulse magnetotherapy can be very effective in case of correct indication and application. It
can also be recommended for use in combination with other therapy methods, such as
pharmacotherapy, the effects of which are usually supported by magnetotherapy. That is why magnetotherapy should neither be left out in case of comprehensive approach to treatment , nor given preference as monotherapy.
The latest findings about physiological response of the organism to the electromagnetic field imply the following effects of magnetotherapy:
• analgesic effect,
• antiedematous effect,
• antiphlogistic effect,
• trophic effect (acceleration of healing and growth),
• myorelaxation and spasmolytic effect,
• vasodilatation effect.



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