Patient Testimonials and Experiences

we may have different specialisms and areas of expertise but we share a common goal: we want to help you function at your optimum level. Our Physiotherapy staff are well trained and goes on up-gradation of skills periodically




ACKNOWLEDGEMENT<br /> I express my deep gratitude to a true professional and affable ‘VIKALP PHYSIO TEAM’ headed by DR.RAKESH TYAGI ‘THE GREAT’ for treating me successfully with utmost skill, care, empathy and affection in a very hygienic and soothing clinic. Indeed, there is no “ VIKALP” for “VIKALP PHYSIOTHERAPY CLINIC”. Continue doing such a commendable and emulating job in service of mankind.</p> <p>WITH REGARDS<br /> RAVINDRA SINGH( INDIAN AIR FORCE)<br />


Pravin Chaudhari. Gr. Noida

Thanks to Dr.Tyagi and his team members.

Thanks to Dr.Tyagi and his team members.<br /> On 29th June 2009 I suffered a severe cramps in my right knee. After a diagnosis it was found that the lateral meniscus was disrupted and all the orthopedecians whom I consulted in Delhi/ NCR suggested arthroscopic surgery. Fearing for the worst I called up a few friends of mine who were also orthopedecians in other parts of the country. They suggested that it was a natural injury and can get healed naturally and advised me bed rest for 3 weeks and to wear knee-brace for the injured knee. After that they advised me for physiotherapy under the guidance of a good therapist. I was not happy with my progress as all this was telephonic and there was no face to face conversation with any of my doctor friends. Then one of my colleagues suggested Dr. Tyagi’s name. After hearing my case, Dr. Tyagi, assured me that my knee can me cured completely. At that stage I was not able to bend my knee at all but Dr. Tyagi told me that everything will be alright. Then the rigorous physiotherapy sessions started under Dr. Tyagi’s personal supervision and attention. Slowly I began to feel the strength returning in my knee and I was able to bend my knee and put my body weight on it as well. Within 4-5 weeks of physiotherapy my knee had healed to such an extent that I was able to bend my knee than 90 degrees. Thereafter Dr. Tyagi suggested me some exercises to do at home and today my knee is totally healed and I am even able to sit on the ground by crossing my legs. And all this was achieved without surgery which was advised to me initially by some orthopedecians. I have personally come across a few cases who had arthroscopy done on their knee but even after that they are not fully recovered. Dr. Tyagi helped me recover from my injury without surgery for which I would like to wholeheartedly thank him.<br /> Pravin Chaudhari. Gr. Noida</p> <p>


Dr Priya


Dr Priya (3 year exp.) is a member of Indian association of physiotherapist .she has worked at ITS Ghaziabad, having worked in outpatient physiotherapy at several hospitals, Dr Priya has also worked at GP clinics throughout the Noida. She is qualified and practiced in the use of McKenzie diagnosis and treatment for neck and back problems, more recently trained in the use of kinesiology taping for sports and other acute injuries. Special Interest in the treatment of Stress incontinence and Pregnancy and Women’s Health.


Dr Parul Singhal


is a Member of Indian association of physiotherapist an expert physiotherapist for musculoskeletal disorders. Her continuing education has included courses in spinal rehabilitation, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, myofascial release, patellofemoral pain and thoracic outlet syndrome She has worked closely with orthopedic surgeons to develop innovative and effective post-surgical physical therapy protocols. These protocols ensure direct communication between physician, patient and physical therapist at all stages of rehabilitation. Coordinating care has proven to provide the highest possibility for optimal recovery and positive outcomes.


Dr Malika Nazish


Dr Malika Nazish M.P.T.Sports (3 years exp.) is a Member of Indian association of physiotherapist .She has passed her physiotherapy graduation from Jamia Hamdard University in 2013. She had worked in multidisciplinary clinics in the Delhi region prior to joining the Vikalp Physiotherapy Clinic. She has a deep passion for manual therapy. Since graduation she has gained extensive experience and skills in manual therapy, orthopedic and neurological injuries. She is an extremely creative, innovative, and gifted. She individualizes each patients program to meet their specific needs. She is very punctual and very much concern about the patients. She keeps her skills sharp and stays on the cutting edge of physical therapy care by participating in numerous continuing education seminars and workshops.


Dr Supreet Kour


Dr Supreet (Senior Physiotherapist) is a Jammu qualified physiotherapist with over 8 years’ experience. She is a member of Indian association of physiotherapist she has worked throughout the world and is qualified with dry needling and has experience in clinical Pilates and Women’s Health. She loves working with sports, musculoskeletal, workplace injuries and postural problems. Her interests include running, travel and reading.


Dr Wilson


Dr. Wilson – M.P.T Orthopedics (3 years exp.) is a member of Indian association of physiotherapist . he has worked for famous pain clinics in Delhi prior to joining vikalp. he serves in the field of rehabilitation especially for neurologically deficit adults and children. Further, pre and post operatively re-educating and implementing the functions of musculo – skeletal systems. Dr. Wilson has completed his masters of physiotherapy and awarded as a best student in electrotherapy and neurology.


Dr Ruchi Pandita


Dr. Ruchi Pandita (3 year exp.) is a Member of Indian association of physiotherapist. She passed her degree from Jammu University in 2013. She is a new member at Vikalp Physiotherapy. Certified to practice Mulligan manual therapy. She also has specialized training in working with scar tissue and special needs patients of all ages. Manual therapy to treat orthopedic conditions like spondylitis, frozen shoulder etc. is her interest of work.


Dr Sharmila Neogi

Senior Physiotherapist

Dr. Sharmila Neogi M.P.T. (Orthopedics) (6 years exp.) is a Member Indian association of Physiotherapist (presently on leave) her postgraduate courses include extensive work in manual therapy and medical exercise therapy. She especially enjoys working with spinal dysfunction, muscle balance retraining, and treatment of sports injuries and the treatment of golf related injuries. She has chosen to limit her practice to orthopedic conditions, sports injuries, and vertigo, dizziness, headache, and has special interest in treating myofascial disorders. She believes in precision with exercise and specific manual techniques, as well as education on posture/alignment to facilitate recovery. Her professional interests include: Orthopedic Manual Therapy, Spine Rehabilitation, Biomechanics/Orthotics, and Sports Specific Rehab. She speaks Bangla fluently.


Dr Kamal Meharwal


Dr Kamal Meharwal (2 years exp.)Member of Indian association of physiotherapist has recently joined our team after graduating in 2013 from the University of Meerut. He has a special interest in musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy and believes in a balance between a hands-on and exercise therapy approach depending on the individual needs of the patient. In his free time he enjoys playing sports including hockey, football, cricket, golf and running.



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