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Our Prices

We offer ways to make physiotherapy care affordable for just about anyone.

  • Consultation & Reg.

  • 500 ``first visit``

      An initial detailed consultation, followed by a thorough examination so that a diagnosis of your condition and a plan of treatment can be made.

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  • Standard Rx

  • 600 ``per session``
    • 45 -60 minute long physiotherapy treatment , usually consists of single complain area treated by two modalities followed by a recommended exercise or manual therapy.


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  • Advanced

  • 800-1200 ``per session``
  • Two treatment areas : treatment time usually 60 – 90 minutes






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  • Extended

  • 1200-1600 ``per session``
    • Treatment of more than two complains requiring more than 90 minutes of physiotherapy
    • Treatment may include the use of PEMF AND LASER.



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We are able to provide an unrivaled level of service for those serious about their health and performance.